Toxic Remedies: Micro Drawings

Toxic Remedies

Inspired by images and descriptions sourced from paranoid self-diagnosis internet searches, the shapes and lines in these 300 tiny drawings are based on bacteria, viruses and organs.  The poetic auditory analysis playing from small speakers interspersed with the micro drawings references a doctor dictating his or her notes. However, the imagery and phrases have been layered and abstracted to incorporate fantastical depictions of potential health problems and cures which are both foreign and familiar.  The abstracted experience can lead to a sense of uncertainty.  Simultaneously, the incorporation of recognizable imagery is reminiscent of familiar idioms (like doctors using fruit as analogies to describe the size of  cysts, tumors, masses, ect), and the attempt to bridge the abstraction by associating something from the everyday world with the internal body. When do these justifications aid in the healing process and when are they a dangerous deterrent from the potentially motivating experience of embracing uncertainty in the quest for a deeper understanding?

To listen to an audio sample from click this link: Toxic Remedies

These micro drawings are typically displayed alongside Toxic Remedies: Illuminations.