Total Jump

Total Jump Promo 2016 by Caitlin Foley & Misha Rabinovich from Caitlin Foley on Vimeo.


Total-Jump-Animation-Circle2This arcade style jumping game trains people for a coordinated Total Jump where every single living able-bodied human jumps and lands at the exact same time. The near impossibility of accomplishing a Total Jump combined with the ease and fun of training for it invites the audience to bridge the gap between a post modern pluralistic world and the necessity of global coordinated solutions in the face of the Anthropocene. Could a world wide jump where every living able-bodied human jumps up and lands at exactly the same time unite humanity and transcend our divisions? Our new phone app, Total Jump Live, can coordinate group jumps across geographies.The game features the original song  Jump Up by Gold Bikini written specifically for Total Jump. Read more about the project in this interview with Christina Freeman on OneRooph.

Total Jump is a collaborative project with Misha Rabinovich.


A photograph of participants appears on the screen when everyone playing successfully lands on zero:

We currently have a Total Jump animation on view as part of Art on the Marquee at the Boston Convention Center.