Landscape Selfies


Landscape Selfies, Alva, OK

These selfies are created predominantly to be seen in a shared physical space as opposed to on the internet. They were taken during a series of three pop-up selfie shows in Alva, Oklahoma. Participants were prompted to write on a piece of paper what they would be if they were part of the landscape and then pose for a selfie with their sign. Individual selfies immediately became part of a slide show projection.  The slide show presents a communal landscape and communal selfie that evolves over time as more people add their photographs.

The slide show to the right includes Landscape Selfies from pop-up shows at Northwestern Oklahoma State University Student Center, the First Presbyterian Church dinner, and the Graceful Arts Center.
Pop-UPSelfiesWeb1 PopUpSelfiesWeb3 PopUpSelfiesWeb4 PopUpSelfiesWeb5


Pop-up Selfie Show